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08 August 2009 @ 11:27 am
Vindicated :: Chapter 2  
Title: Vindicated
Rating: T (for now)
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby (Gabby!)
Summary: Abby's involvement in a recent case leaves Gibbs stuck between his head and his gut. It's hard to be cleared innocent when you've been caught red-handed...literally. Gabby with a chance of Tiva (Hinted. Maybe...)
Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS; otherwise, this wouldn't be a fanfic ;D
A/N: Transferring this to LJ for gibbs_abby I felt sorry for Gibbs after I finished writing this :(

The few moments leading up to answering the door were a blur to Gibbs. He vaguely remembered getting out of bed and hearing the rapping on the door. Shock slapped Gibbs awake when he saw the last person he expected to see at his front door. His blue eyes still wide open, he kept a calm front and focused on the task at hand.

He quickly carried Abby into his home and hurried to clean her up a little. Ducky wasn't answering, he guessed because of the ungodly hour on the clock. What in the world is Abby still doing at four in the morning? he asked himself. He continued to wipe the blood off Abby's pale skin. Once the last drops were off to the best of his ability, Gibbs looked down at the white towels stained with crimson. A surge of anger rushed over him for a moment; some sick bastard must have done this to her.

He shifted back to Abby. Underneath the blood were bruises everywhere. Her forehead was deep purple, her nose violet-fuscia, and her mouth dark red. Her pigtails were missing, and a river of black hair lay in a mess. Gibbs saw the remaining blood on her black-and-white shirt and dark mini-skirt. Above her black chunky boots were some abrasions he hadn't seen.

Gibbs threw the bloody rags on his coffee table. He knelt down and brushed away a lock of hair from Abby's face - when his phone rang. It was Ducky.

"What seems to be the problem at his hour, Jethro?"

"Ducky, I found Abby covered in blood and barely able to stand," the frown on Gibbs' face was practically audible.

"Oh dear..." There was shuffling in the background before Ducky came back on the line. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know, Ducky," Gibbs answered, a little annoyed. He would have asked the same question, among millions at that moment. Too many questions, too little answers... "I hear rapping on my door, and the second I answer it, Abby's about to collapse." He remembered catching her... Gibbs looked down, sighing, at the blood that inevitably got on his shirt.

"Well, we will get to the bottom of this," Ducky assured. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

After Gibbs hung up, he gazed over Abby once again. Different feelings brewed in his gut, but he didn't want to act on them that instant. Going out into the mysterious night would be going out and abandoning Abby.

He touched the side of her cheek with his fingers. “We will get to the bottom of this, Abbs,” he whispered, quoting Ducky. Then he headed upstairs to change.

Twenty minutes later, Ducky arrived. Gibbs gave a brief overview of the visible injuries and showed him the bloodstained towels and his bed shirt on the coffee table.

"Dear..." Ducky couldn't finish his interjection. He stared between the blood rags and Abby for some time. "Hmm. There's still a bit more cleaning to do on her wounds, not to mention anything else Abigail has endured. But I cannot imagine her immersed in her own blood..."

Gibbs frowned at the crimson rags. "Keep those, Ducky," he said and pointed to the contents on the coffee table.

"Of course - depending on how this turns out, that could be potential evidence."

Gibbs' frown deepened. "I don't want to go there yet. Is she okay?"

Ducky made a face. "So far a slightly fractured nose and a mild concussion. She still has a pulse."

Gibbs ran a hand down his face.

The ME continued to examine Abby, his silent audience member. "Oh, Abigail. What twist of fate delivered you from your....grisly doom, to the front steps of Jethro's house? Conscious of the fact or not, my dear, you made the smartest choice to come here - it is a sanctuary, really...." Ducky turned and noticed Gibbs leaving the room. "Uh, Jeth - ?"

Gibbs cut him off and glanced back at him. "Stay with Abby. I'm going out to investigate." He walked faster-paced down the foyer.

"Where's the fire, Jethro?" Ducky raised his voice.

Gibbs spun around and wore a tense gaze. "I don't know, Ducky - but I can smell the smoke." With that, Gibbs shut the door and followed his nose.

*** *** ***

Under the suburban streetlights, Gibbs keenly observed his surroundings. The sky was a dull indigo, getting brighter as the hour passed. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary on either side of his street. He was certain that he didn't hear a vehicle drive away when he heard Abby at the door. She had to have walked, in her state no less. Stray drops of blood on the sidewalk confirmed it, coming from his right. Gibbs started eastward down the cement walk. The few blood drops turned into a thin trail of red dots continued east. His gut wasn't making him feel any easier. If it had to come down to catching the bastard right then and there, he was armed and ready. Justice would be served...

The trail thinned out at the corner of Gibbs' street and the main road. A new feeling crossed his mind: he was afraid for Abby.

He knew that wasn't Abby's car, blocks down the road. Crushed against a cement construction barricade. A thin cloud steadily rising from the crumpled hood. The growing fear made Gibbs jog forward nonetheless. What happened there, Abby? What really happened? He should have sensed something from the day before...

"Guess who has a hot date tonight?"

McGee stopped typing at 200-words-a-minute and stared. "You?" he asked with a sincerely uncertain inflection.

Tony's head rose from his desk. He was half awake without a doubt and had the bed-hair to prove it. "Whose-uh-date??" he mumbled. His sleepy head fell back onto his desk before anyone answered him.

Ziva laughed. "For once, Tony is not the man on the camp."

McGee blinked. "Uh, Ziva, I think you mean, 'big man on campus.'"

Ziva tisked.

"Ha," Tony snickered under his breath.

The Israeli mossad shot Tony a glare. "I thought you were supposed to be asleep."

"And I thought everyone was supposed to be doing something."

Gibbs entered the bullpen, drinking a fresh cup of coffee. Whatever nonsense they were talking about, he only heard parts of it. He immediately saw Abby at the opposite end of the pen. She was bright and sunny like that very morning, despite her everyday dark garb. The team's favorite forensic specialist skipped forward and stopped Gibbs in his tracks.

"Hi Gibbs," Abby smiled and waved at him, even though he was probably less than a foot's length from her.

"Hey Abby," Gibbs hid his crooked grin behind his coffee cup and took a quick swig. He sat down on the edge of his desk; he had the feeling Abby needed someone to talk to.

"Well, before you ask Gibbs," the Gothic girl talked with her hands, "I was just here because I actually got bored in my lab, I just felt all cramped and alone for some reason, I dunno why. Bert and my babies were just smiling at me and Ducky and Jimmy weren't in yet, so I came up and kind of bothered everyone -”

"You did not bother us, Abby," Ziva smiled. McGee nodded in agreement.

"I mean," Abby shrugged, but smiled shyly at her friends' words, "we just finished a case and I just wanted to say hi Gibbs."

Gibbs smiled. He couldn't argue with that. "You're not in trouble, if that's what you're thinking, Abbs." He patted the side of her arm. "It's nice to see you."

"Thanks Gibbs," Abby warmly smiled.

Tony's snore ripped through the airwaves.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked.

"Y'boss," Tony uttered and squinted at both Gibbs and Abby sitting together on the desk.

"Tony-baloney," Abby sneered and folded her arms playfully.

Tony's mouth opened, closed, and then opened again. "You're the one with the hot - ?"

Gibbs stare-glared Tony to a halt.

"... Shutting up now, boss," Tony frantically typed at his keyboard.

Abby giggled to herself. "I'll head back to the lab now. My work here is done," she said.

Gibbs settled into his computer chair and looked up at her. "Stay there - be good."

"Yes sir," Abby saluted.

"Don't call me sir," Gibbs pointed.

"Yes ma'am!" And she marched out of the bullpen.

Gibbs had the hardest time hiding the grin spreading across his face. He made a note to bring her her Caf-Pow later.

But first, his curiosity got the better of him. Or rather...he grew suspicious.

After looking through a few files left on his desk, Gibbs got up without a word and stalked toward Tony's desk. He rested one of his hands on the back of the computer chair and looked over the field agent's shoulder. Tony's fingers eventually ceased typing his case report.

"Yes boss?" Tony froze, most likely expecting a micro-managing rampage.

"'The hot what, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked plain and simply.

Tony gulped. "I-I don't know what you're. . .talking about - boss?"


Before Gibbs could finish sifting through yesterday's events, he was already at the scene of the crime.

No. Don't assume anything, dammit.

He approached the accident.

The black, otherwise nondescript sedan was something Abby wouldn't drive if she had the choice, Gibbs knew for sure. Coming in from the back of the vehicle, he memorized the plate. The shotgun door was wide open. Gibbs carefully stepped to it and scanned inside. Traces of more blood above the glove compartment and some on the seatbelt caught his eye. A familiar bag, also messily stained with red, lay under the drink holders. Moreover, what was on the other side made Gibbs transfer to the driver's door immediately.

His phone rang on cue. Gibbs gripped the car handle with one hand and grabbed his phone with the other.

“Yeah,” he snapped.

“Pardon me, Gibbs,” Ducky spoke after a short pause, “but have you found anything that could help us demystify Abby’s predicament?”

Gibbs glanced through the car window. “Not exactly.”

“Then I think you should get back here,” Ducky said anxiously.

Gibbs knuckles turned white and looked away from the car. “How’s Abby?” he demanded.

“Fine for now – I still need to examine her further, but I believe she would want you here if she were awake.”

Gibbs noticed the tension building his body. He sighed. “Ducky, I didn’t find anything – “

He tugged on the latch – it opened, much to his surprise. Gibbs backed away and grimaced.

“I found a body.”