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14 June 2009 @ 09:24 pm
Scene 42 :: Sparks  
Title: Under the Same Moon
Scene 42/Part 2
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Apolo or Julianne or any proper noun in this story. Please don't sue.
A/N: ***If you want to read Scenes 1-22,
click here.

Apolo only knocked on the door once before someone answered it. The one who answered it, one of the party-goers from outside, invited him back outside, but Apolo declined. He needed to talk with someone first.

The skater quietly entered the living room through the foyer, and the first thing he saw was Julianne on the couch.

She looked cute--passed out. Her straight hair lay about her cheeks like Victoria Secret model's. Apolo laughed to himself. Even her hand laid out next to her face, her fingers curved elegantly in her sleep, down to the upward curves of her lashes captivated him.

"Oh, Apolo." Marion greeted, surprised.

The skater looked to his left and saw Marion sitting in a lounge chair across from Julianne. She crossed her legs and she smirked, "Le other boyfriend."

Apolo opened his mouth, but Marion wouldn't take anything. She laughed.

"Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see what you two have. You should be a little less obvious."

"I still don't know what you are talking about, Marion," Apolo said.

Marion kept laughing and shaking her head. "She's all yours--I'm gonna leave the couple alone."

"But--" Apolo gasped.

"Nope--!" Marion held out her finger a few inches from his lips. "You won't see me doing this with le boyfriend--so be happy." And she smiled and skipped away, back to the party.

Marion. Apolo thought. Like her or not, it's undeniable. Looking down, he bit his lip and stuck his hands in his pockets as he slowly walked to his girl.

She probably wouldn't wake up any time soon, but he just wanted to be with her, like he had originally planned.

He stopped and stared, standing and watching over Julianne. She stirred and parted her lips with her tongue to let out a sigh. Apolo smirked and continued to watch her slowly awaken. He lowered himself on one knee and and trapped her lips in his.

"Mmm!" Julianne's baby blues lit up and opened wide, before closing again. Apolo felt her fingertips caress his head.

"Sleeping beauty," he said softly when he parted from her now deeply flushed mouth.

Julianne caught one of her cherry lips in her mouth and smiled. "You're the only man who would kiss me after I hurl my entire lunch in front of the whole world."

Apolo laughed and sat down on the floor, so his face was level with hers. Julianne's fingers then lingered at his soulpatch and looked hopelessly at it. "How did Zack treat you?"

"Like crap," Apolo said frankly.

"I thought so," she sighed. "I..." Julianne hesitated; she made another cute face by pursing her lips to the side and looking at the floor. Her eyes then looked up at him in deep pools. "I'm sorry about him."

"Here," Apolo reached for a decorative pillow behind her and tucked it under her arm.

"Thanks." Julianne lay comfortably with her head resting on her hand and her other arm on the trough of her waist.

"You don't have to be sorry about him, Jule," Apolo said to her. He quickly took in all of her. Julianne never failed to blow him away with anything she wore. Or didn't wear. But he didn't want to think about that right.

"I bet he almost bit your face off back there," Julianne joked.

"Actually..." Apolo grimaced.

"What?" Julianne dropped the lighthearted mood.

A thought occured to him. When Julianne curled into his arms under the shower...and she held onto him, as he ran his hands up and down the slick curves of her body, making sure that she was still there and hadn't disappeared in her tears. . .

"Apolo," Julianne said.

"What did Zack tell you last night? At dinner." Apolo reached for her hand.

Julianne looked in his eyes for her words; he felt her thumb start to massage his hand lightly. "That I needed 'protection,'" she said bitterly and looked away from his eyes. She sighed, and a frown started taking the glow away from her face. "Because," her voice was a hair away from breaking, but she was able to carry on. "Because you may not always be here."

"Which is true," Apolo had to agree with Zack on at least that. Was that the "hurt" she meant?

"But," Julianne wasn't finished, "I told him that I didn't need him and. And."

"He thinks you're sleeping with me."

Julianne looked back at him, her eyes completely circular. "Yeah," she said, a little dumbfounded.

"He told me," Apolo said looking at their hands. He rubbed her hand. "He also thinks you could be..." The incredible word was on the tip of his tongue, but he wasn't sure what face Julianne would make next as a reaction to it.

Julianne thought about it and surprised Apolo. "Pregnant?"

Apolo looked up and opened his mouth, then shut it. He looked back at their hands--it seemed comforting and therapeutic in a way. "I see how he might think that way," Apolo said, not really saying yes or no.

"Same," Julianne admitted.

The skater saw the look on Julianne's face. This was it, he thought. He never wanted to see that look on her face again if he could help it. He moved his hand from her fingers' embrace and let it rest by the angle of her arm. Half of her frown faded, then something flickered across her eyes.

"Wouldn't that be something, though?" Julianne smiled.

Apolo took a short breath and looked at her. "What would?"

"Don't tell me you've never thought about having kids," she smile grew wider.

Apolo was brought back to Julianne's dream....of fairytale bliss. How could he get rid of their "daughter," now that she had practically become a part of him--of them both. He never thought that Julianne couldn't be the mother of his children; the daughter in his dreams already had her crystal blue eyes. Apolo felt a smile that he couldn't erase if he tried.

"If I was pregnant," Julianne caressed his warm cheek and cradled it with her palm. "I'd be the happiest woman in the world, knowing it was you."

Apolo put his hand on top of hers to gently tap himself back into the living room they were in. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, holding onto Julianne.

"As much as I would drown in your happiness--our happiness," Apolo spoke softly. "I couldn't live with the guilt of taking your dreams away."

He opened his eyes to see Julianne smiling lighter, but her eyes sparkled with a commiserating twinkle.

"I could always take a break from the show," Julianne said. "Work out some things with the record company, maybe."

"If," Apolo said, "you were pregnant."

"Yes," Julianne answered.

Apolo closed his eyes again and got into the track of mind he had set. "What about Zack?"

Julianne's smile wavered a bit. "Then he couldn't possibly be around me and deal with the growing fact--"

"What about Zack now?" Apolo re-worded.

Julianne's smile went away completely. "I don't know what he'd do..."

Apolo firmly kept his hand on hers, which was still on his cheek. "I don't him to hurt you."

"I know," she whimpered.

"And I've realized that he's had more chances to hurt you than he's been 'protecting' you."

Julianne looked at him.

"Hasn't he been hurting you?" Apolo asked dumbly.

Julianne took his hand with both her hands and them all against her heart. "Here," she said.

Apolo blushed, hoping no one was watching. Especially Marion. Her summer top happened to have an alluring cut, although it had buttons.

"I don't know what to do when it comes to you two," Julianne suddenly said. "I can't say I'm torn....and yet I feel like I'm stuck in the middle sometimes."

He leaned in toward her, enough to breathe in her scent. "You don't have to be," Apolo whispered. He felt the need to be quiet when they were close to each other.

"I do know I love you," Julianne said the words and put her hand on his cheek again, the familiar glow returning in her cheeks.

Apolo closed his eyes; he savored the familiar sensation of their skin pressed together. Of how their noses always touched in the cutest and yet most intimate way when their lips were just breaths away from each other. He never wanted to let this go.

Julianne made a faint cooing sound, as her hand took its time going down and resting at the crook of his neck.

Apolo sighed and bit his lips, which were curling into a satisfied grin. As much as he wanted her, needed her--it was still her choice. He didn't want to force her to be with her. It only seemed fair.

"Just talk to him," Apolo mouthed, barely any breath in his words.

"What?" Julianne's breath tickled his skin.

"Just talk to Zack tonight. Figure things out. Before the fireworks show." Apolo mirrored Julianne and put his hand on her neck as well, letting the tips of his fingers touch her yellow hair.

Julianne stayed silent for a while. Apolo felt her pulse thumping under his fingers while she mulled things over.

"Okay....but I wanna see some fireworks," Julianne softly purred.

Apolo tilted his head and continued to breathe in Julianne. He let go of her and let her presence take control. "Now?" He couldn't breathe.

"No. But...." Julianne moved her head lower. "Some sparks would be nice."

"Don't move," Apolo mouthed again.

Julianne stayed still as a statue.

Screw it, he thought. His love had made him shameless lately.

Apolo closed his lips in on Julianne sweet breath, her heartbeat setting a tempo. He moved so to hold her there the longest he could. The sparks he could already feel between them kept him so still, so in awe. It reminded him of the first time he ever felt them with Julianne. The electricity couldn't be ignored; now, months later, it wasn't just in his head. Julianne gently tugged at him and moved his lips a breath closer.

He finally touched her--the sensation of fire and ice coming together. He let her lips envelope his, as if it were her first taste of them. He searched for the nectarine taste of her mouth with his tongue, and she whimpered, her lips smiling underneath. She held onto his neck and shifted on the couch; Apolo found himself hovering above her. She pulled him even closer, pulling his lips into her. He felt their breaths heaving oxygen between their mouths. He felt his hands start to caress her body and skim her skin beneath her shirt. Apolo nearly lost his mind.

"Stop--" he gasped and pulled away. He stumbled and fell on his butt.

Julianne giggled and blushed.

"Come tonight..." Apolo wiped the side of his mouth with his thumb and grinned. "...and we'll see."