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05 July 2009 @ 10:06 pm
Scene 43 :: The Ice  
Title: Under the Same Moon
Scene 43/Part 2
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Apolo or Julianne or any proper noun in this story. Please don't sue.
A/N: ***If you want to read Scenes 1-22,
click here.

The ice burned on his skin. Everything he touched was so cold, he was shivering, his whole body almost shaking. The skater groped the darkness around him in search of warmth.

"Apolo, Apolo..." she cooed. "There, there."

Julianne's mere presence instantly lit up the entire room. Shock, surprise, love, lust--whatever it was, it made him start to sweat and heave in the even chillier air.

"You're so red," she whispered.

Apolo stared...and finally looked away from her twinkling, blue eyes and saw himself, practically his whole body, flushed. He felt more heat in his cheeks when he saw his length--hotter than the sun and as red as the morning--and Julianne wrapping her hand around it. He felt himself throbbing at her touch.

"Julianne," he gulped and closed his eyes. A cloud puffed from his mouth. It was
that cold. But not for long.

"Shh..." she silenced him.

He could feel the water forming from their united heat; suddenly then did he know that he was somewhere else entirely. The white ice simmered underneath their scarlet bodies, and the only things he could see now were Julianne's starry eyes.

The stars in her blue eyes began to fly. Apolo was on his back, lost in a kaleidoscope of fire and emotion, with the blanket of Julianne's body snuggly around him. He never thought he would make love to her on the ice, while both she and the magical lights in the sky above would blow his mind. Everything was so perfect.

Julianne's breath moved down his neck, her body melting him with the ice. Her nipples hardened as they moved down his abdomen. She started burying soft moans into his skin and running her hands up and down his slick sides.

They switched positions--more icy water against their sizzling bodies. Julianne couldn't have been more a part of Apolo than she was right now. He pushed against her and felt the ice crunch under them. He kept the rhythm and she wrapped herself so tightly around him....it started to hurt.

Apolo..." she whimpered a moment behind, his name louder than the first.

"I'm here," he breathed.

She wrapped her arms even tighter around him. Something else crunched.

"Ow," Apolo choked. He spoke into her damp hair. "Be gentle."

"Don't ever leave me," she cried.

He didn't she could hold him any tighter, but her embrace felt more like a boa constrictor wrapped around his entire body. He groaned and switched positions again, but she didn't budge.


"I need you, Apolo," she cried some more.

"Let go of me at least--" he said.

"No don't leave me! Don't leave me!"

"Jule I'll never--!"


Apolo catapulted off the bed. It was suddenly uncomfortably hot, and sweat more than beaded on his brow. He didn't know when his heart would stop pounding in chest, but he that was the least of his worries at that moment.

He gulped and rested his damp head on his palm. It's not the first time a dream has freaked you out, man. Get it together. He saw the ridiculous temperature on the thermostat on the wall and got up to adjust it. He quickly sat back down on the edge of the bed.

For some reason, when Apolo got back to his apartment after the barbecue, he felt exhausted--mentally or physically, he couldn't tell. He thought taking a nap before the fireworks show later that night would be good. Now, sitting on the perfectly made sheets of the hotel bed, the skater still felt exhausted.

Apolo felt his hand move to his chest. His fingertips brushed the metal chains of his dogtags.