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09 June 2009 @ 10:53 pm
2010 :: pt. 5  
Title: 2010
Rating: PG-13
Part 5
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one in this story. Though sometimes I wish I did... Please don't sue.
A/N: This is separate from Under the Same Moon. Possibly a spin-off...still haven't decided.

Derek couldn't help it. He wanted to hear this for himself. From her own mouth.

Why didn't she call me? Every time the question rose, he wanted to grab another cigarette. He'd answered and re-answered his own question many times, but being human made him frustrated anew with every reprisal. Maybe she just had to tell someone. But the second part after that completely flew at him from left field--and that's when he completely lost it.

"I guess one thing....led to another," he thought aloud.

If only airplanes allowed smoking. Derek breathed in slowly and ended up coughing and choking on oxygen.

Then again, maybe Marabeth has a point.

He'd made the arrangements and called his elder sister, once he'd calmed down some, to give her a heads up and see if she had anymore to tell him. He did hang up in a rather quick fashion. Nothing really new--Julianne was better than she was the first time....cleaned up with a normal pulse and everything.

He remembered Marabeth speaking softly, trying to soothe Derek. Ironic, since her soothing, matronly voice was telling Derek the very things that made him storm off and upset Shannon....

Derek really hoped that Shannon understood how he felt. He had failed as a brother--or at least, that's what he felt. Looking out the window, Derek played and replayed the cursed phone call while watching the white, puffy clouds. When and how, he wondered, did he allow his sister to sink into such depths? He kept looking out his airplane window, at the perfectly blue sky and sunny day he was flying through, but Derek felt his shame pull him lower and lower.

He hoped--he silently prayed--this was all just a huge misunderstanding. After everything he'd heard, that was the only "not that bad" outcome he could count on. A very ridiculous one at that. But by tonight, he and Marabeth would be able to clear things out. He hoped.


"What is that?"

Shannon quickly slipped on her bathrobe. She needed a hot shower to cool her nerves from today...

The sound was faint, so she couldn't locate it immediately. She let it ring and fade away.

The brunette started blow-drying her damp locks and closed her eyes. Even after the nice, hour-long shower, Shannon still felt some remnants of Derek's fury.

Shannon shook her head--partly in stress, and partly in disbelief. After badgering him over their brunch, she certainly didn't expect that kind of outcome for his superstar sister. Then again, some stars did indeed fall; Shannon wished it hadn't been Julianne.

"There's gotta be a good that comes from this..." Shannon thought. Of course there was; but the bad was clouding over the good for once, and made it hard for Shannon to see it.


"Gosh, what is it?" she asked, now annoyed. Maybe Derek forgot his phone before he left... Turning off her dryer, she mainly searched around their room, in the deeper crevices of it since the ringtone sounded muffled. But the elusive device still rang. Shannon yanked their master door open and heard the ringtone sound more obnoxiously off the walls.

She slipped on some comfortable slippers and slung her towel over her shoulder. The ringtone echoed louder and louder the closer she descended down the stairs and walked toward the living room. At the coffee table, her own phone lay in stand-by.


It apparently wasn't her phone....and Derek usually left his phone somewhere on his bureau or elsewhere in their room...

Shannon scavenged through the only other place where electronics tended to disappear. Minutes later she magically pulled out a Blackberry from the depths of their couch. For all Shannon knew, the remote to their TiVo was also in there somewhere--but she remembered then exactly where that Blackberry came from.

Shannon didn't know what else to do. She pressed the green button. "Hello?"

"Hello. Am I calling Apolo's phone?"

Shannon raised her brows. "Why, yes," she pursed her lips. "And who is this?"

There was a soft chuckle on the line. "And I thought he had my number..." It was a young woman...a somewhat familiar sounding one, too. "This is Cheryl."

"Cheryl!" Shannon smiled, still rather confused by the whole situation. "It's Shannon."

"Yeah. He told me it was either you or Derek that was going to answer."

"Pardon?" Shannon asked.

She heard Cheryl sigh. "Okay, I know this may be much," words started pouring from Cheryl's mouth. "But I'm really busy right now, and I don't have time for this." There was a few seconds' pause, with some background noise and a voice that Shannon couldn't make out. "I need you to help me carry something out of my car..."

"Okay." Shannon nodded. "I'm sorry--Cheryl." She shook her head and had her hand on her forehead. "I'm at a loss here. I didn't even know Apolo left his phone here." She glanced back at the couch and imagined the poor guy sleeping there.

"I..." She quickly stammered back to reality. Shannon then put her hand on her hip. "I was also told that he left town."

Cheryl laughed heartily. "....ha ha--h- hey!"

A large blurb of white noise and fuzz made Shannon hold the phone away for a moment, before hearing the background voice come to the forefront.

"Shannon?! Shannon--baby. Thanks for takin' mah shoes off last night--"

Her jaw dropped just like Derek did.

"HEY--" More fuzz and lack of words. "Son of a-- I'm sorry, Shannon, lemme explain when I get there."

"G-Get where?" Shannon stuttered.

"To your house."

Shannon didn't like where this was going....but at this point, she couldn't say no.

"Alright," Shannon decided. "Bring him here."

Cheryl's car was rolling up the driveway in the night. It was getting late, but Shannon assumed someone's night had just begun. She crossed her arms and squinted her eyes when the headlights blinded her before the pavement curved to their front door. The brunette caught a glimpse of Cheryl behind the wheel. A shadow covered the dancer...in a passionate kiss, lasting for so long, Shannon wondered if Cheryl remembered her front windows weren't tinted.

Cheryl's hand came from the side and slapped the kisser. She was out of the car and practically running to Shannon in a heartbeat. The dancer was wearing a low-cut orange top with slim-fitting jeans. Shannon had to catch Cheryl in her arms.

"Please help me," Cheryl begged.

Shannon looked over Cheryl's shoulder and saw the car light reveal the shadow's identity. Keeping a firm grip on him with her eyes, Shannon answered, "It looked like you were enjoying that, Cheryl."

Cheryl let go. "You don't know how many times he's done that to me."

Shannon looked back at her and grimaced. "Do I need to know the details of what you do all night--"

"All day," Cheryl silently screamed.

Shannon halted. She slapped her own forehead again and slumped her shoulders. "I give up," she sighed. She turned around, more than ready to leave.

"Shannon!" Cheryl touched her shoulder. "Listen!"

Shannon hissed and pointed at her, "Just so you know, no matter what you say, I'm still ashamed of both of you!"

Cheryl sighed and stared at the ground. "Yes. I did let him into my apartment..."

At this rate, Shannon's jaw should've fallen straight to the ground. "You have a boyfriend."

"But I couldn't help it! He's the one that checked out of his hotel and has problems--not me!" Cheryl spat out. "I felt sorry for that sick bastard!"

Unexpectedly, even to herself, Shannon shuddered. She'd heard enough to make out the story. But she kept the cringing and shaking inside her after the initial shudder; Shannon felt utterly used and violated. Cheryl was hugging herself now, looking up at Shannon.

Shannon could only imagine what faces went along with her own thoughts that made Cheryl puppy-like now. She looked away and shook her head. "I'm sorry, Cheryl," Shannon said with more composure. "I'll take back what I said."

"No, no, it's alright," Cheryl spoke cautiously. "You're absolutely right."

"Yeah." Shannon shifted her gaze to the shotgun seat. Both women did.

"I mean, I did have fun for a while," Cheryl confessed, still bracing herself. "But....who knew Apolo could be such an asshole when he's drunk?"

Shannon remembered Derek that morning. How he intently stared off into his thoughts and never stopped smoking.

"From what I hear, he's an asshole when he's sober," Shannon replied.

"To a degree," Cheryl snickered. "It's not hard to figure out the snarky bitch that made him that way, though."

Shannon stared at Cheryl incredulously.

"Hey. You left the door open, genius."

Shannon and Cheryl turned to see their man.

Apolo was able to stay on his own two feet and slam the door shut. He swayed an inch or so with every step he took toward Cheryl. Cheryl's pupils shrank under the driveway lights and she took a step back. Shannon looked in disgust; he was wearing the same thing he wore the previous day.

"What are you going to do to me here...?" Apolo buried the words in Cheryl's hair while his fingers played with a few of her dark strands.

Shannon pulled him away from the petrified Cheryl.


And she punched him aside.